What type of material is your furniture made out of?

We use High quality Baltic Birch Plywood. We use Baltic Birch because it Flat packs easily, is really stable and won't warp or bend, and has a really nice, tight end grain that looks good uncovered. This material is what allows your FLAT furniture to be so simple and versatile. 

Does my furniture arrive unfinished?

Your FLAT furniture will arrive with a white wash stain, but will not have a final finish coating. We offer a natural bees wax finish that you can use to clear coat your furniture before you assemble it!

If I get a plant holder with the PERCH for my cat, what kind of cat friendly plants do you recommend?

If you're buying a PERCH for your cat and you want a plant holder, It's important that you don't use a plant that's poisonous to cats! Visit THIS SITE for a list of plants that you should NOT use. Here's a great list of plants that your cat can enjoy. I always recommend cat grass or catnip!